Finance Management

Finance Management

Bachelor in charge of mission in accounting firm

Practical and professional training at bac+3 level, the Bachelor in charge of missions in accounting firms is a diploma issued by the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Information Management (ISIMI).
Supported by the State and the Order of Chartered Accountants, this bachelor’s degree trains professionals capable of managing the accounting and financial management of an organization.

Professional Bachelor's Degree in Law, Economics and Management - Specialization in Accounting & Payroll

This professional degree aims to train managers capable of establishing and managing payroll and social and tax charges, of using the main payroll and human resources management software and of being able to shed light on decision-makers on payroll issues.


The Accounting and Management Diploma is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree (Bac+3).
The DCG aims to provide training in the fundamentals of the accounting, finance and management control professions in order to support management in its operational, tactical and strategic decisions. The holder of the diploma can also continue in the field of chartered accountancy.

Entry into apprenticeship training from the 2nd year.


The Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management is equivalent to a Master’s degree (BAC+5).
The objective of the DSCG is to train in the professions of accounting and finance in order to support and advise decision-makers in the management of the company. The holder of the diploma can continue to become a Chartered Accountant thereafter.