The apprenticeship contract

The apprenticeship contract

Contract's characteristics

The apprenticeship contract can be concluded for a fixed term or for an indefinite period with an apprenticeship period. The CDD or the apprenticeship period (in the case of a CDI) has a duration of 6 months to 3 years (4 years for apprentices recognized as disabled), depending on the profession and the level of qualification prepared.

Trial period until the 45th day of presence in the company.

Contracts can be concluded throughout the year. The start dates of the practical training with the employer and the CFA training cannot be more than 3 months later than the start of the contract.

The start date of CFA training must be mentioned in the contract.

Young people without an employer can however begin their training at the CFA for a maximum of 6 months as a vocational training trainee. This duration is 6 months maximum after a termination of the contract in order to continue a committed training.

Successive contracts can be signed to obtain different qualifications.

Concerned public

  • Young people aged 16 to 29 and young people aged 15 who have completed lower secondary education.
  • 14-year-olds, who will turn 15 between the start of the school year and December 31, can begin their apprenticeship under school status (before being able to sign an apprenticeship contract), if they have completed lower secondary education.
  • Disabled people, business creators/buyers and top athletes: no age condition.

Minimum remuneration

Remuneration is calculated as a % of the SMIC (or the conventional minimum wage if it is more favorable for those aged 21 and over). If it is a new contract with a different employer, the remuneration must be at least equal to the minimum remuneration due for the last year of the previous contract.

Apprentice's age Contract year
16 - 17 years old
18 - 20 years old
21 - 25 years old
26 and over