Apprenticeship contract’s registration

apprenticeship contract's registration

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Procedures for registering an apprenticeship contract

  • At the latest within 5 working days following the start of the execution of an apprenticeship contract, the employer must send this contract to the OPCO, accompanied by the training agreement with the CFA (and, if where appropriate, of the tripartite agreement in the event of an adjusted duration).
  • Taking into account the applicable levels of support, the OPCO decides on the financial support of the CFA training within 30 days of receipt of all of these documents. In the absence of a decision, this support is considered refused.
  • OPCO funding is paid to the CFA who can negotiate with the employer if OPCO funding and eventual funding from the Region do not cover the full cost of the training.
  • In the event of agreement on its assumption of responsibility, the OPCO ensures the filing of the contract, by dematerialized means.
  • Any modification of an essential element of the contract must be the subject of an addendum sent to the OPCO which will decide either on the financial support, if it had initially refused it, or on the maintenance of this support. charge.
  • When a minor apprentice is employed by an ascendant, the necessary declaration must be signed by the apprentice, stamped by the CFA and transmitted to the OPCO which will ensure the filing.
  • When the apprentice is hosted in a company other than the one that employs him, a tripartite agreement must be concluded between the employer, the host company and the apprentice. As soon as it is concluded, this agreement must be sent by the employer to the director of the CFA, to the OPCO as well as, if necessary, to the mission in charge of the educational control of the training.
  • The apprentice must benefit from a medical examination no later than 2 months following his hiring. In the absence of an appointment within this period, the visit can take place with a city doctor.
  • No financial compensation may be requested from the apprentice on the occasion of the conclusion, registration or termination of the contract, nor from the employer for the registration of the contract or registration for training.